Morphy Jumper for Toddlers

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Product Dimensions:
  Length: 32'6" (9.91 m)
  Width: 17'8" (5.39 m)
  Height: 16'0" (4.88 m)
Weight: 277 Lbs. (126 kg)
  The Morphy inflatable play structure takes toddlers through the journey of Cameron the caterpillar as he turns into a beautiful multicolor winged, purple and yellow striped butterfly. Kids start at the front through the 3D caterpillar head as they make their way through wormsville to the land of pop-up cocoons and a bouncy floor for plenty of jumping play. A fun climb and slide rounds out this inflatable game, as kids come bursting through the exit like Morphy the butterfly. Part of the Toddler Town series, this inflatable play structure has plenty of colors and butterfly artwork and 360-degree round mesh "windows" allow for parents and spectators to have a clear view of all the activity.

This inflatable game can be an amazing centerpiece for an Indoor Playground or any outdoor party. The inflatable play structure takes participants up a climb and down a slide and past pop-ups to facilitate maneuvering skills and build confidence. The inflatable play structure guarantees hours of enjoyable physical activity. Each game has soft safety walls for containment, and is constructed of the fire-resistant, lite n' strong™ vinyl for easy portability, durability and safety.