Slam And Jam

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  Length: 29'6" (9 m)
  Width: 20'0" (6.1 m)
  Height: 20'0" (6.1 m)
Weight: 490 Lbs. (223 kg)
Slam N Jam™ makes dreams come true for young basketball fans! Shoot the basket and dunk like the professionals with this active inflatable play structure. Each child can shoot a free throw, then run and jump on the center trampoline and catch the falling basketball for a show-stopping slam dunk through the dunk hoop. The higher, free throw basket has a second hoop for easily-assisted dunks. The Slam N Jam™ inflatable play structure has a unique basketball shaped back-end design, and mesh sides on the main court so spectators can catch all the action.

The inflatable game is constructed with lite n strong™ and fire-resistant vinyl making it portable, safe and durable. The Slam N Jam™ will add value and a ton of fun to any indoor playground, private or corporate events, providing hours of entertainment and exercise!